The main services which Consult Intellect offer are:

  • Accounting service of companies
  • Consultations concerning the application of the National Accounting Standards and the Inernational
  • Standards for financial reports
  • Tax planning consultations
  • Consultations concerning transformations of trade companies joining, merging, dividing, separating or changing the law status of the companies from one kind into other
  • Training by Inernational Standards for financial reports
  • Training by National Accounting Standards
  • Analysis of the financial state and consultations concerning, the strategical development of client’s business
  • Co-operation to the client at managing the risk and improving the financial activity
  • Complitation of information

Accounting Services

  • whole accounting of the client
  • working out salaries and everything concerning insurance relations
  • working out prime cost
  • working out accounting and tax-redeemed plan
  • working out Annual tax declaration
  • working out Annual financial report
  • working out consolidated financial reports
  • compiling other information through negotiated procedure with the client
  • working out written accounting procedures in connection with issuing licences at ISO

On the basis of the accounting standards, principles, rules and judicial requirements and aiming granting concrete governing necessities and specific of the activity Consult Intellect is able to be your hopeful consultant for integration of governing and financial accounting. In this way the information would be presented in a shape, comprehensible even not to professional accountants and would grant efficient corporative governing.

Remote Accounting Services

Thanks to the contemporary communication technologies, Consult Intellect offers Remote Accounting to its customers. This service saves money, time, and increases the efficiency, regardles of customer’s location.

Tax Services

  • tax consultations related to the correct applying of tax legislation
  • co-operation at tax audits
  • tax planning
  • tax defence in the court on tax arguments

Business Consultations

Consult Intellect could be your trustful consult on sale-trade of whole enterprises, trade transformations, reorganization of enterprises.

We are able to help you in creating a general partnership company, organizing joint activity and deals for joint using of assets.

We are able to make analysis and work out a strategic offer for reorganization, work out a strategy for entering the market, as well as work out a strategy for reconstruction.

Consult Intellect can be entrusted governing of projects.

Consult Intellect could be your trustful consultant for integration of governing and financial accounting.

Funding Insurance

Consult Intellect could accomplish for you:

  • analysis of the financial state, including the capitals structure
  • suggestion for the optimizing of the correlation debt/own capital
  • working out business plans and analysis of expedience
  • projected funding
  • co-operation on elaborating new projects

Legal Services

The legal services of Consult Intellect specialized in the following areas:

  • Commercial Law
  • Labour Law

Consult Intellect could work out documents for establishing and transforming trade partnership companies, could work out documents for change of circumstances.

Consult Intellect will be your valuable consultant on your intentions for concentration or deconcentration of capitals or on transfer of property from trade partnership company to the owners, if they are natural persons.

Human Resources

Consult Intellect could select for you the best staff in the area of finances, accounting, marketing, production, trade, information technologies and human resources.


Certificate for performing an independent financial audit in International Accounting Standards and International Standards on Auditing
Lecturer in International Accounting Standards
Audits of Pension Funds

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