Accounting Service of Companies Remote Accounting Consultation and Training

Consult Intellect

Account-consulting house Consult Intellect is specialized in accomplishing services in the area of accounting, tax and business consultations, consultations concerning ensurance of financing, consultations linked with human resources, as well as legal services.

The company is established in 1992, and it has accumulated prominent long lasting experience in the area of accounting and tax legislation.

Account-consulting house Consult Intellect has got at its disposal a team of highly-qualified specialists, experts in the area of accounting and tax legislation.

Thanks to the contemporary communication technologies, Consult Intellect offers Remote Accounting to its customers. This service saves money, time, and increases the efficiency, regardles of customer’s location.

Consult Intellect guarantees full confidentiality of the entrusted information and assigns with the necessary respect to each of its clients.

To all of our current and future clients: THANK YOU FOR YOUR TRUST!


The main services which Consult Intellect offers are:

  • Accounting service of companies
  • Consultations concerning the application of the National Accounting Standards and the Inernational Standards for financial reports
    Tax planning consultations
  • Consultations concerning transformations of trade companies joining, merging, dividing, separating or changing the law status of the companies from one kind into other
  • Training by Inernational Standards for financial reports
  • Training by National Accounting Standards
  • Analysis of the financial state and consultations concerning, the strategical development of client’s business
  • Co-operation to the client at managing the risk and improving the financial activity
  • Complitation of information