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17 19-th February Str.
entr. A, fl. 3, 7000 Ruse

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About us

If you make your first steps in business or you have decided to work in new area or you have decided to fill a new market’s recess, Consult Intellect can help you to consider the possibilities and help you to get in touch with the suitable institutions and business environment.

Consult Intellect could offer the suitable banks, PR agencies, create the necessary priceless business contacts, get you in touch with the right people, which could be at your disposal and which you could rely on. In this way we would be able to contribute to establish your areas of activity.


17 19-th February Str.
entr. A, fl. 3
7000 Ruse

+359 82 821 136
+359 885 056 625
+359 888 309 543